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Educate Young Minds In A Fun-filled Manner Using Our Learning and Educational Toys.
About Us

No fun and only learning is not the right way of teaching kids. In fact, the right method of teaching kids involves only fun because children love to play and by adding a set of learning and educational toys in their play time, can make them learn for different topics, from shapes, fruits, animals, colors, sizes and more, easily. To stock up your space with creative and informative learning and educational toys, trust the attractive creations of Iconic Jubilant And Reliable Paradise

Our collection containing Wooden Tracing Board, Tortoise Alphabet, Tamil Vowel Tracing Board, Wooden Stacking Tower Toy, Transport Tray Jigsaw Puzzle, Domestic Animals Puzzle, World Map Puzzle, to mention some educational toys, prove useful and powerful tools for parents to strengthen early education as well as learning process of their kids. We, as a manufacturer and wholesaler, design toys in a manner that meets playing standards of normal to highly curious children in an exceptional manner. We introduce different sizes of aforementioned games and toys at very pocket-suiting rates and promise users for gaining the best results using our offerings. 

Features of Our Learning and Educational Toys

Educational toys and learning puzzles that are produced under our name are non-toxic and completely safe to be used by kids. They are eco-friendly and highly durable. Cardboards, plastic, inks, and all other materials used in the production of toys and puzzles, are of premium quality standards. Every item is designed in a manner that shows even the tiniest detail of subjects so that kids can learn better. We also use dependable quality dies for designing different dimensions of items, all of which can be safely used. 

Why Choose Us?

Iconic Jubilant And Reliable Paradise is pleasing modern customers by introducing educational Wooden Tracing Board, Wooden Stacking Tower Toy, Tortoise Alphabet, Domestic Animals Puzzle, Transport Tray Jigsaw Puzzle and many more items. Our creations are admired by all parents for being effective and affordable means of educating young minds and by all kids for making them play time a really fun time. 
Some factors that exhibit our company is right to partner for obtaining aforesaid puzzles and toys and bulleted below:

  • Get great variety under the same roof
  • Fast delivery service of bulk items
  • Very reasonable charges for items
  • Great for gifting purpose
  • Double-checked and attractively packed toys and puzzles

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Wooden Tamil Vowel Tracing Board
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Wooden Small Cursive ABC Tracing Board with Dummy Pencil | Alphabet Lower Case Cursive Practice Board for Boys and Girl | Letter Educational Slate |